YGOSS Consulting has created over 50 start-ups coaching projects, including international,  and collaborates with primary incubators, with public structures of national and European relevance such as EASME for Horizon 2o2o . The coaching models for start-ups are derived from those used for larger companies, ensuring reliability and effectiveness over time. Coaching activities are divided into the following phases:

Phase 1 – Evaluation of business idea and company feasibility

In this first phase it is assessed for the sustainability of the start-up and consequently established the level of risk associated with the investment. A first business plan is drawn up which will also serve as the first business management system.

Phase 2 – Identification of the start-up development model

The business plan is analyzed according to a consistency analysis of the main business variables: Market, Product / Service, Organization / Finance. The first funding sources and business partners are identified.

Phase 3 – Support in the different stages of development

The start-up is flanked according to a specific intervention plan that takes into account the characteristics of the product / service and the extension of the markets and reference channels. A network of experts and potential funding channels is available.