YGOSS Consulting, with the use of the “Industry 4.0” methods, analyzes the productive and commercial processes of the companies and through an in-depth verification identifies and implements the most effective innovation interventions. Through the “Industry 4.0” check-up, areas of corporate innovation can be identified with the enabling technologies 4.0.

PHASE 1 – “Innovation 4.0” check up  to verify the applicability of the following enabling technologies 4.0:

  • Industrial Internet: multidirectional communication between production processes and products
  • Vertical and horizontal integration: Integration of the value chain between supplier and consumer
  • Cloud: Management to maximize data on open systems
  • IT security: Security in the interconnection of systems and installations
  • Big Data and Analytics: Analysis of large data numbers for product and process optimization
  • Advanced Production: Introduction of collaborative robots
  • Additive manufacturing: using 3D printers interconnected with production processes
  • Augmented Realty: Use of augmented reality to support production processes
  • Simulation: use of control systems for monitoring complex production plants

PHASE 2 – Start of the “Corporate Innovation 4.0” interventions aimed at:

  • Increase management and production efficiency
  • Reduce the operational steps between sales and production
  • Simplify governance and organizational processes
  • Increase the level of customization of products on customers