BusineSS TechnolOGY for companies and start-ups:

The advice that accelerates your business.

Do you want to speed up your business?

Do you want to develop the market and internationalize?

Do you want to produce adopt the “Industry 4.0” production methodologies?

Do you need to reorganize or make a generational change? Do you need to reorganize or make a generational change?

YGOSS Consulting has a complete solution to make you grow faster and with greater profitability.

Management Consulting

YGOSS Consulting has a long history of successful consulting services for companies

“Industry 4.0” Production Systems

YGOSS Consulting analyzes the company with respect to the enabling technologies of the “Innovation 4.0”, to identify the areas of application and to start the 4.0 processes of productive, commercial and organizational reorganization


YGOSS Consulting has carried out numerous internationalization projects aimed at allowing the company to extend its presence on foreign markets by activating specific sales networks

Reorganization and Generational Passages

YGOSS Consulting through the analysis of the family situation in relation to the company roles and the patrimonial and organizational structure of the company, supports the property to develop the generational passage

Start Up Coaching e Investor Relation

YGOSS Consulting has been providing incubators and start-ups for years to support the development of micro-enterprises, covering the aspects of business definition, production and commercial consolidation and funding collection and research