YGOSS Consulting has a long experience of organizational consulting. developed for primary companies.

The corporate reorganization of YGOSS Consulting is developed as follows:

PHASE 1 – Business situation check up 

The first phase of the project, analyzes the corporate organizational model to check: the work processes adopted, the hierarchical and functional management model and the division of loads and responsibilities between the offices.

PHASE 2 – Analysis of the organizational activities assigned to the different offices 

Once the general analysis has been performed, the intervention priorities for the organizational review are indicated. Through targeted interviews, with a bottom – up process, the specific activities in charge of the various offices are identified and any areas of overlap and re – working are highlighted.

PHASE 3 – Organizational review 

The detailed analysis allows to identify: the hierarchical model best suited to the needs of the company according to the needs of governance and decision-making speed. The correct assignment of the activities between the different offices thus succeeding in concentrating the activities, eliminating duplications and wasting time. At the end we define the jobs detailed description of all employees according to the real activities verified on the field and analyze the correct distribution of workloads