YGOSS Consulting has supported numerous entrepreneurs, in particular of SMEs, during generational passages,  maturing  the necessary experience of these situations of changement that involve not only organizational but also emotional aspects.

PHASE 1 – Identification of the patrimonial and organizational situation of the company

During the first project phase, it analyzes the situation of the company  and serves to frame the patrimonial and organizational situation and the strategic development lines that will be assessed in the light of the different family members.

PHASE 2 – Crossing of the company situation with characteristics and expectations of stakeholders involved and definition of the necessary governance model

We then examine the ownership shares, the skills and willingness to participate in the various familiar memebers, also in relation to whether the transition between 1st and 2nd generation or between 2nd and 3rd is taking place. It is also necessary to establish the role that the current owner will want to assume once the transition has been completed and whether it is necessary to set up specific management bodies such as a “Family Council” or a “Family Committee”.

Phase 3 – Implementation of the generational  passage

The general passage should not affect the normal development of the company and indeed should be a reason for acceleration. The project must therefore be translated into a corporate organizational plan that takes into account the corporate governance bodies, the development and career paths of family members, the need for involvement and information of family members who do not participate in company life.  Family organizations must allow the family to maintain strategic guidance without interfering with corporate managerial choices.