YGOSS Consulting has carried out numerous internationalization projects aimed at rapidly increasing sales on foreign markets. These projects are adapted to individual companies and are based on three distinct operational phases.

PHASE 1 – Verification of the commercial situation of the company 

The first phase of the project analyzes the commercial structure of companies and the capacity of the various company departments to support the internationalization process. The various products / services are examined to assess their attractiveness towards potential new markets and analyze the expected margins.

PHASE 2 – Analysis of the organizational capacity of the company to support the internationalization process 

All the functions involved in the sales process of the products are examined in order to evaluate their ability to support foreign development and to activate the necessary organizational and competence adjustment processes. In particular we analyze the areas: Commercial, Marketing, Logistics, Administration, Finance and Legal. The main foreign markets are analyzed to evaluate the most appropriate ways of entry in relation to the characteristics of the company. The sales objectives and the spending budget are then defined.

STEP 3 – Start of the foreign sales process 

Based on the plans and priorities identified, the local networks and partners are activated to start selling in the various markets. We adopt different structures from the agency, to the branch depending on the needs of the company in relation to the target market.