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PRIVACY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION UNDER THE DECREE September 10, 2003, No. 276, ART. 9, paragraphs 2 and 3
A) Information under Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 on Protection of Personal Data (Privacy)
YGOSS Ltd., with registered office at 4 Via Fulvio Milani, 40135 BOLOGNA, manages the processes of Search and Selection, pursuing equality between male and female workers without any discrimination for the gender of the interested parties, according to Law 903/77 and 125/91, in accordance with local regulations.
YGOSS Ltd guarantees to all concerned that the data will be freely transmitted to YGOSS Ltd, the sole purpose of promoting the relocation professional who is looking for new opportunities.
YGOSS Ltd is committed to processing and storage of the data provided in strict confidentiality, in accordance with CODE RELATING TO PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA (D.Lgs.n.196/2003), as amended, in the manner set out above in following paragraphs.
Data collection is done by sending a YGOSS Ltd., from interested parties, by post, fax, e-mail, by hand or by uploading site, information relating to their professional experience form of curriculum vitae (CV).
The collection covers only the common data, which will be”treated”to the extent strictly relevant to the obligations, tasks and objectives set out in paragraph ”PURPOSE OF DATA COLLECTION”. Those interested then do not give any sensitive information ”and” data records.”
Recall that for”sensitive information”means personal data revealing racial or ethnic, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of religious, philosophical, political or trade union, as well as personal data disclosing health and sex life. Data for”judicial”means personal data disclosing the measures referred to in art. 3, paragraph 1, letters a) to o) and r) u) of Presidential Decree 14 November 2002, No 313, relating to court records, the registry office of the administrative sanctions resulting from crimes and related charges pending, or charged with a crime or investigated in accordance with Art. 60 and 61 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
Therefore, curricula containing sensitive or judicial data will be immediately trashed by YGOSS srl.
Ltd confirms that all concerned will treat the data freely communicated solely for the purpose of the management of selection. .
The provision of personal data and ‘of course optional. However, failure to consent to the processing of the data, will make it impossible for YGOSS Ltd to carry out the activities YGOSS srl therefore invites interested parties to bring in your resume or cover letter on the following words: ‘According to D. Lgs.n. 196/2003, having read the information on this site YGOSS Ltd agree that this handle my personal data, including transfer, still allowing the information storage / paper indefinitely, only for the purpose of Search and Selection of Staff ‘ .
Article. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the interested party has the right to confirm the existence or otherwise of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered and their communication in intelligible form. You are also entitled to know methods and aims of treatment of these data for each request in art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, may be asked, is not confirmed the existence of data concerning him, a charge not exceeding the costs actually incurred, in the manner and within the limits established by Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, art. 10, paragraph 7, 8 and 9. Requests art. No 7 D.Lgs.n. 196/2003, will be sent to the following address:
Ref YGOSS srl
art. 7 D.Lgs.n.196/2003
Fulvio Milani, 4 – 40135 BOLOGNA BO – Italy

The data will be held in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and will be done either manually or with the aid of computer means. The data, as described above, may be kept in paper files into electronic files that in order to allow the identification of specific or aggregated data. In any case, the data will be processed strictly related to the objectives stated in ways that ensure the security and confidentiality of data through the adoption of appropriate measures to prevent alteration, deletion, destruction, access unauthorized or treatment that is not in compliance with the purposes of the collection.

The treatment will last no more than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected. However, if the person believes, for whatever reason, that the goal of treatment must give written notice to the address above YGOSS Ltd. that will immediate deletion of information / data.

Owner of this disclosure is ‘YGOSS Ltd., with registered offices in Via Scotia 4-40134 BOLOGNA BO; Data Controller is the legal representative of the company, to which can be addressed any communications